Quinta de la Rosa has been in the Bergqvist family since 1906, although they have been in the port trade as shippers under the family name, Feueheerd, since 1815.  It currently has around 55 hectares under vine and produces around 80,000 litres of port and 300,000 litres of table wine each year. 

Quinta de la Rosa was given as a christening present for Claire Feueheerd, Sophia's grandmother, in 1906.  Claire's father, Albert, ran the family port shipping company, Feueheerds.  Albert was a real pioneer and was one of the first shippers to make 'Single Quinta' port from La Rosa's grapes.  He was repsonsible for building Vale do Inferno's vineyards with some of the highest, most impressive walls in the Douro.  He also built an adega with 8 lagares and started buying grapes in from local producers and making port at La Rosa.  This enabled Albert to retain the quality in production.  At this time, most port was made by small farmers in their own lagares.  

Unfortunately Albert ran into difficulties due to the Depression and the company, Feueheerds was sold in the 1930s to Barros.  However, Quinta de la Rosa was kept in the family and was run by Sophia's grandmother, Claire.  Claire just grew grapes and sold them to Crofts and latterly to go into Sandeman's Rebello Valente port. In 1988 Sophia and her father, Tim Bergqvist, decided to restart the family business and launched Quinta de la Rosa as a top quality port producer onto the market place.

Starting in the early 1990s, the Bergqvist family were one of the pioneers in taking red wine production in the Douro region seriously.  Quinta de la Rosa's wines, both red and white, have won many accolades in the press and are sold in many prestigious restaurants and wine stores around the world.  See NEWS AND AWARDS.  Since 2002, Jorge Moreira, one of the finest wine makers in Portugal, has been making wines at La Rosa.  La Rosa celebrated its 30th anniversary since it restarted in 2018 with the launch of its 30 year Tawny.  Unfortunately Tim, the founder, died in the same year but was able to have seen and appreciated La Rosa's recent successes.

Quinta de la Rosa is situated in Northern Portugal, 100kms inland from Oporto.  It is set in the heart of the Alto Douro ‘A’ grade port growing area and is located along the banks of the river, near Pinhão.

On the right top to bottom, you can see the development of La Rosa from 1930s, 1950s, 1970s, 1990s and 2013.

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