Jorge Moreira

In 1995, Jorge graduated in Enology/Winemaking from Vila Real University (final training degree was done in Italy). He then joined Real Companhia Velha for seven years and was involved in the initial development of the Fine Wine Division. He focused on studying the best possible grape varieties and their adaptation to different viticultural practices so to create wines of an international standard of quality. Jorge travelled to different wine regions in Portugal and abroad, participated in wine fairs around the world and took all the opportunities to try and taste as many wines as possible and to meet as many winemakers as possible. All this contact was essential for him, as he could clearly define what he liked and the style of wine he wanted to make.

Most of this work was focused in Vila Nova da Gaia, in Porto and Jorge wanted to be closer to the actual vineyards in the Douro.  He was also keen to start making his own wine.

In 2001, with this in mind, Jorge bought a small vineyard in Douro to start making his own wine (Poeira) and in 2002 he started working at Quinta de La Rosa.   At La Rosa he focused on each vineyard, made improvements and investments enabling him to discover the true expression that marks La Rosa's style today. In 2005, the Bergqvists purchased, with the invaluable help of Jorge, Quinta das Bandeiras in Douro Superior and he began producing Passagem wines.

Jorge is married with two children and enjoy sports and keeping fit when he can!

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