Philip Bergqvist

Philip graduated from Cambridge University in 1984 and subsequently attended INSEAD gaining an MBA in 1992.

Philip has always been active at La Rosa and started assisting David Baverstock in making the ports and wines in the earlier 1990s, taking a more leading role as time passed. In 2001 Philip reduced his commitments to La Rosa to look after his first wife, Sarah, when she became gravelly ill. Sarah subsequently passed away in 2003.

Since 2006 Philip has been helping Sophia in the sales and marketing of La Rosa products, primarily in the USA. In 2012  he took project management responsibility for overseeing the construction of the new winery and expansion of the tourist facilities.

Philip, together with his nephew Kit, has been responsible for taking charge of La Rosa's beer brewing project.  Started in 2017, the beers are primarily being sold in Portugal through DCN Beers.

He has three children from his first marriage and a further two from his second, with the youngest being born in October 2012.


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