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We can only sell online to Europe. For USA you can buy via the USA Wine Delivery Program or via wine.com. If these don't work then contact our importer winesellersltd.com. For other countries click on this link to find our distributor.

Duty, VAT and delivery costs are already included in our prices. Minimum order 6 bottles. Online tasting with the owner when buying one of the special packs available at our e-store - valid for 2 weeks from 28/4/20 to 15/5/20 and subject to availability. Buyer will be contacted by email, with instructions to book the virtual tasting. We have reduced the price of the wines and ports by 15% - already applied to prices showing.

For others wines and older ports please email wineorders@quintadelarosa.com with your request.

Please review our terms & conditions.    


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