Qta de La Rosa White Reserve



90 pts – Editor’s Choice – Wine Enthusiast – April 2019


Grapes from old vines local to the region and often used for making into white port –  Viosinho (60%), 10% Arinto, 10% Códega do Larinho, 10% Rabigato and 10% Gouveio.


An ideal wine to accompany summer meals such as fish, salads and pasta or to drink it alone as an aperitif.  La Rosa whites can age well, ‘like a white burgundy’ as Jancis Robinson said in the Financial Times.


The Quinta de la Rosa Reserva white 2017 is a very intense expressive wine that is showing extremely well from a challenging year. White fruit aromas with tropical nuances and spices, it is lightly toasted.  On the palate it is a dense wine full of flavours but at the same time surprisingly vibrant and fresh.  The wine is extraordinarily rich and complex with a fine acidity which gives it length and longevity.


It was a dry, hot year for much of Europe and the same for Portugal.  Forest fires ravaged the countryside as everything was dry as a tinderbox. Vintaging started the earliest in living memory soon after the day of my parents 60thwedding anniversary on 21stAugust. Those vineyards that were low altitude and south facing suffered the most so the white vineyards with higher altitude were better placed. Temperatures were at 40C+ and there were initial signs of water stress and some dehydration.  There was no rain forecast – the last time it has rained was the last week of June.  A week later temperatures dropped and the marginally fresher weather helped maturation giving the grapes better aromas and more complexity of flavour. 


Generally those vineyards that were able to cope with the dryness and heat were picked later.  These tended to be those that had older vines that were north facing in higher altitudes. The cooler spell also had a positive influence at La Rosa and the wines we made a little later were of excellent quality.  Alcohol levels tended to be higher and acidities lower than normal.  But there was very little evidence of over maturity.


It was a year when everything was ready to be picked at the same time - a logistical challenge and it meant that our two wineries were working hard all the time. Once again it was a harvest where Jorge had to be careful of what to pick when and being a smaller, more flexible producer paid off.  A later vintage where the grape matures more slowly is always preferred, however we were surprisingly pleased with the overall quality of the wines white as well as red.


We practice a sustainable agricultural regime being part of ADVID & SATIVA. We don’t use genetically modified organisms nor do we use animal products so vegetarians can drin our wines. We recycle where possible and are HACCP & BRC rated.


La Rosa white wine was partially fermented and matured in barrels (50%) and the rest in stainless steel tanks before being bottled in June 2018.  The wine is available in both 75cl and 37.5cl format.


Older vintages

Up to 5 + years
15,000 bottles
Total Acidity:
5.6 g/dm3
Volatile Acidity:
0.3 g/dm3
110 mg/dm3
Residual sugars:
0.7 g/dm3