Vale do Inferno Reserve DOC 2011

From the 4 hectares of vine, only 4 barrels were selected to make thus were made of this wine of exceptional quality.  Wine maker, Jorge Moreira, only intends to make this wine in truly exceptional years.  The last time was in 2005 and we will not be making another Vale do Inferno for at least the next two years.
Vale do Inferno boasts some of the highest and most impressive dry stone terrace walls in the Douro.  With its prime position, sitting just above the Douro River, this four hectare vineyard was built by Sophia’s great grandfather, Albert Feueheerd, just before the First World War.  The name Vale do Inferno originates from the intense heat that comes from the reflection of the suns rays off the terrace walls.  As a result, the vineyard’s  fruit is always highly concentrated and powerful. Vale do Inferno was replanted in 2006 and is beginning to produce some excellent grapes.


Mainly Touriga Nacional with some Sousão.


The wine would be best served with red meats and more powerful dishes. It also goes well with cheese, especially the Serra cheese found in Portugal. It is a wine that can be drunk now or aged for up to 10 years.


The terroir in the Douro is still largely unexplored and by making wines with, harmony and equilibrium from our vineyards, we try to enable the grapes to express themselves in the bottle.  The La Rosa style is to make well defined wines without too much extraction, tannin or oak.  Wines that are rich and full bodied whilst being fresh and lively with a good acidity and minerality.
Similar but more intense than the La Rosa Reserve, the Vale do Inferno Reserve has a profound, opaque colour which immediately shows the intensity of the originating vineyard.  A wine with deep, rich and exuberant aromas and with mysterious, dark black fruit, mainly blackberry and plum, together with fresh violets and a lightly toasted, slightly smokey flavour.  On the palate the wine is very generous and seductive, full of structure.  It has enormous concentration but at the same time is full of freshness and liveliness.  The Vale do Inferno Reserve is a Douro wine of great quality with potential to age well in the bottle.  It is a very serious wine – one that is impossible not to enjoy and appreciate!


An almost tropically hot spring followed a particularly wet, rainy winter which prov oked a huge amount of growth and vegetation in the vineyard and ultimately led to one of the earliest vintages ever. The summer months were dry and hot. Two days of rain at the end of August gave us ideal conditions for the grapes to ripen and develop.
We started the vintage on 9th August and from this point onwards was carried out on a stop and start basis ov er the following two months enabling us to pick each vineyard at its ‘optimum’ ripeness. Conditions were perfect.
We ended up producing some excellent grapes with outstanding quality and concentration. 2011 is regarded as one of the best vintages in the Douro region.


We practice a sustainable agricultural regime being part of ADVID & SATIVA. We don’t use genetically modified organisms nor do we use animal products so vegetarians can drin our wines. We recycle where possible and are HACCP & BRC rated.


The wine was first trodden by foot in granite lagares and then fermented in small stainless steel vats. Matured in Allier French oak casks, mainly Francois Freres, Taransaud and Seguin Moreau, before being bottled later than the La Rosa Reserve in April 2014.

Older vintages

Now 10 years +
1,500 bottles
Total Acidity:
5.4 g/dm3
Volatile Acidity:
0.7 g/dm3
157 mg/dm3
Residual sugars:
0.6 g/dm3