Traditional port varieties, mainly Touriga Nacional and Touriga Franca with some Sousão from the older dry stone terraced vineyards at La Rosa.


The 2014 Vintage will age well for many decades but is also a lighter style vintage port that can be appreciated when young. Drink as a digestif with cheese, chocolates or on its own. Remember to decant the port after it has thrown a deposit.  This will happen after it has been a few years in bottle.


Typical aromas of a young Vintage port from a fresh year, very aromatic with intense black cherry liquor flavours, chocolate and the wild dog rose you find in the Douro hills.  On the palate a seductive and full bodied port, perfect to be drunk early but also with sufficient tannins to guarantee its structure and longevity.  The tannins are balanced and not too evident so they don’t block the aromas and flavours in the initial phase of the port’s life.
This 2014 vintage is in an ideal phase for immediate consumption for those who like their vintage ports young and vibrant but it will develop and mature well in the bottle for the next few decades. 


The vineyard stood up surprisingly well to a challenging year.  The flowering was late and then the Douro suffered from caterpillar attacks and oidium.  The caterpillar digs deep into the youngly formed grape and forms its chrysalis.  This mainly affected Touriga Franca. The summer seemed to be marginally cooler and wetter than normal with numerous thunderstorms but the meteorological data shows otherwise and we seemed to have had a pretty normal, hot summer.  There were plenty of hail storms, especially in the early summer, and the top part of the Lamelas vineyard got quite badly hit.   The vine leaves had huge holes taken out of them.  We did lose about 20% of our crop but only in a small area around the Lamelas house. In general the vine recuperated quite impressively.
By mid August we were looking at a two week delay in starting the vintage at La Rosa.  But a few days of intense heat brought the grapes on with a great spurt and suddenly some were ripe.  We picked the more delicate Touriga Franca first starting slowly on 25th September (relatively late for recent years).  At Bandeiras we had started almost a month earlier.  We had a few days of blissful sunshine but then thunderstorms built up and we ended up having rain almost every afternoon over a two week period.  For few days the rain was for longer and heavier and we stopped picking.  The harvest ended up in being very drawn out and we ended up finishing picking on 9th October.


We practice a sustainable agricultural regime being part of ADVID & SATIVA.  We don’t use genetically modified organisms nor do we use animal products so vegetarians can drink our wines.  We recycle where possible and are HACCP & BRC rated.


The port was trodden by foot in granite lagares for three to four days with temperature control. The more complex lotes of 2014 were kept for 18 months in wooden oak 25 pipe tonels before being blended. The port was bottled in July 2016. 


20+ years
8,400 bottles
Total Acidity:
4.8 g/dm3
Volatile Acidity:
0.3 g/dm3
97 mg/dm3
Residual sugars:
105 g/dm3